About Endeavor Plus

Endeavor Plus, Inc. has created a sustainable major medical healthcare solution that, over time, is significantly less costly than fully-insured legacy carrier health insurance plans. This is made possible through Endeavor Plus’ partnerships with a number of best-in-class, healthcare-related companies that provide their services as part of an all-inclusive employee experience on a private-labeled, web-based employer healthcare platform.

Within its health plan, Endeavor Plus helps employers navigate healthcare reform and participate in creative multi-year strategies that address issues like employee wellness and education. Employers who enroll in the Endeavor Plus Plan have a huge advantage over their competitors in attracting and retaining valuable employees.

As a fully-integrated healthcare company, Endeavor Plus provides employers with third-party administrative services for the implementation of a specially-designed, consumer-driven health plan. The plan offers comprehensive major medical healthcare coverage and stop-loss reinsurance with funded Health Savings Accounts, and is complemented with comprehensive, voluntary employee benefits and a national network of medical providers which employees can access as they choose.